"Lost and Found" - A New Film

After a two-year hiatus, Collective Noun Filmworks regrouped in July to make "Lost and Found" for this year's 15/15 International Film Festival. The film will debut in October at the Festival screenings and on this website, but for now, here are some screenshots.

A film by Justin Halliday and Thuyen Nguyen
Written by Justin Halliday
Starring Lincoln Flynn and Ian Malcolm and introducing Violet Halliday

CNF08 - "Harvest (урожай)"

A Russian comes across a mysterious object in a field while riding home on his bicycle.

Production Year: 2006
Genre: Drama
Starring: Ben Batt
Written by: Justin Halliday
Directed by: Justin Halliday
Length: 4:56 minutes
Awards Won: Best Film, Best Production Design, Best Cinematography (Jim Batt) 15/15 International Film Festival 2006

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